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Jennifer and Nick created Sustainable Medical Solutions (SMS) in 2012 to assist hospitals in reducing their costs. It started with reprocessing and refurbishment of devices and evolved into manufacturing orthopedic supplies. But, you can look further back to 2007 where Jennifer and Nick truly began their healthcare journey. They worked in skilled nursing facilities and witnessed firsthand the importance of providing the highest quality care while often working within the constraints of little to no budget for the tools needed to provide that care. 

Today, SMS supports its customers in a variety of ways through manufacturing and direct sourcing.

During the early days of the pandemic, SMS shifted its focus from manufacturing orthopedic supplies to offering manufacturing of PPE, and direct sourcing of other products that were often difficult to find.  These relationships expedite lead times, offer faster shipping routes, and reduce costs when sourcing direct.  SMS has been able to source thousands of products and provide its customers with tens of millions of dollars in savings over a decade.  

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Our Family




Jennifer is a mother of three beautiful and spirited children (Reeves 10, Ryland 7, Emmy 4). Early in her career, she managed the patient experience at a high end plastic surgeons office, and was accepted into Law School while studying to be a nursing home administrator. Ultimately her commitment to growing her family led her down a different path, but her desire to make an impact in healthcare never wavered. Forming a woman-owned diversity supply company with her husband allows her the flexibility to challenge the status quo, and create a legacy for her children to follow.
Jennifer works on corporate strategy, quality controls, and strategic sourcing day to day.

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Vice President

Driven by Jennifer's passion for education early on in their relationship, Nick pursued graduate school studies for Business and Entrepreneurship. He too recognized the importance of the healthcare sector and ventured into skilled nursing. After 2007, Nick pursued a variety of corporate jobs that provided services to the healthcare industry, (Waste & Environmental, Transportation, and Data Management), while assisting Jennifer in building her company. Ultimately, Nick followed his dream of being an entrepreneur and providing products and services to hospitals and health systems that will make a lasting impact.
Nick manages an outside salesforce, our manufacturing arm and supports our vast direct sourcing network day to day.



Support Services

Carol joined SMS early in 2012 as a contractor to help Jennifer manage her internal team and Nick's nationwide rep network. Carol brings over 40 years of office management and business acumen from her experience as a top producing realtor in Texas. Carol has a law degree, Master's in Marketing, and holds various degrees from the most prestigious universities in the US. She also spent time in her career working on both residential and commercial renovations. Some of her biggest commercial projects involved renovating run down skilled nursing facilities for resale. Carol continues her work for SMS on a contractual basis as our Support Services Leader. Her experience and support to Jennifer and the team is unmatched.

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